The Short Film Project That's Demystifying the Economy

The 20 films in "We the Economy" aim to keep US citizens informed, engaged and aware of a complex topic which affects all of our lives in a major way.

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Wall street.

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You use it every day, but can you explain what money is? What about the economy, or globalization? These powerful forces affect our day-to-day lives, but the vast majority of citizens don't have a full understanding of how they work or what they mean.
WE THE ECONOMY-  20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss, produced by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions and Morgan Spurlock’s Cinelan, wants to change that, by getting US citizens informed and engaged in basic economic issues. Some of Hollywood's top directors and writers got onboard with the noble project - including Gary Ross (The Hunger Games), Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) and Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) – to shed light on 20 topics, split into five chapters. The films are extremely watchable, using animation, comedy and music to get meaty information across in an entertaining way. The entire series is available on the project's website for free viewing.
To spread this empowering message to the younger generation, the organizers are working on a Program and Discussion Guide, to help teachers and other group leaders get the most out of the films.
As the title points out - you simple can't afford to miss it. 

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