Simon Cowell Donates $32,000 to Close Down Dog Meat Farms

Humane Society International saved almost 1,600 dogs from South Korean dog meat farms.


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Recently, Simon Cowell’s performance received excellent reviews from the Humane Society and animal lovers all over the world.

The American Idol judge donated $32,640 to help close down a South Korean dog meat farm. Farming dog meat in South Korea can be traced back to antiquity but was never really a mainstream practice.

Among younger generations, the controversial practice has seen a decline in popularity, with more and more such farms shutting down. Because of his act of kindness, the canines will find their way to safe shelters in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, and the US, where loving parents will bring them into their home as part of the family.

Although a good deed on its own is already uplifting and mention-worthy, Cowell’s efforts will have a uniquely long-lasting effect. Fans wanted to show their appreciation, so friends and strangers alike matched his original amount and donated an additional $32,640 towards the cause. As part of their mission, the organization also uses education and the opportunity to learn new skills as a method for change.

The Human Society--who is on their 13th dog meat farm closure--assists farmers finding their way into producing products that are kinder to all living things, such as mushroom and chili farming. The outcome has allowed over 1,400 dogs to live happy, active lives.

The Humane Society’s UK Executive Director Claire Bass said that “Simon’s generous donation means the world to us.” The dog farms prevent man’s best friend from living under especially cruel circumstances, and instead, provide soft beds and loving arms for the first time in their lives.”

The Humane Society remains steadfast in their goal to save the lives of innocent animals and South Koreans have already started joining the cause en masse. Within the past few years, dog farming has substantially slowed down in the Asian nation, gaining less and less support from everyday consumers.

Around 70 percent of South Koreans will forgo eating dog meat and opt for options that have higher standards for animal well-being. Slowly, this once prevalent, abusive practice is melting into obscurity; the ultimate and deserving standing ovation for the informed citizen activists, a dedicated organization, and an entertainment star willing to give people and animals a shot at living out their dreams.

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