The Simple Way to Crowdfund for the Causes That Really Matter

GoFundMe connects you with the people who can help out when you need it most

Go fund me app.

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From covering the costs of important medical care to times of emergency, there are plenty of moments in life when we could use a little extra cash. Now with the help of GoFundMe, anyone can instantly start their very own fundraising campaign, and begin collecting for the things that matter. The personal crowdfunding website offers a platform for sharing important causes and in which anyone can can contribute a little something to turn a dream into a reality.
It's not just personal needs that are covered on the site - users can also raise money for friends in need or help cover the costs of volunteering abroad.
Users can connect with Facebook or Twitter to easily spread the word among family and friends as well as reaching out to others who identify with the donation request and want to offer their support. GoFundMe is a great way to share personal stories while removing physical barriers, making for an easy way to provide assistance where it counts.

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