Singapore's New Airport is Home to a Massive Indoor Jungle

You might never want to get to your hotel once you arrive at this incredible airport


Waterfall in Singapore's airport

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Most people go to airports because they are traveling to far away destinations. Whether you are going to a honeymoon in Paris, a business conference in Las Vegas, visiting Grandma in Sydney or going to Disneyland, airports are just the unexciting places you have to pass through to get to where it's fun. Until now.

Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore is now open for business. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the dome-shaped façade of the 135,700 sqm building contains a host of amenities that will amaze you.

Besides the usual airport services,  Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore contains the worlds tallest waterfall, an indoor jungle, maze gardens, unique children's attractions, a hotel, and fine dining under one roof.

The most notable feature is the waterfall, the 40 M Rain Vortex channels up to 38,000 liters of rainwater through the roof per minute during a downpour. Besides being beautiful, it is also functional, and the water is recycled for irrigation, cooling, and other uses.

“We want to offer consumers a multi-sensory experience in Jewel. The design of the HSBC Rain Vortex was inspired by the tropical rains in Singapore and will add novelty and wonder to the entire Jewel experience. Being the centerpiece attraction, visitors will be able to bask in its full glory at different vantage point, Hung Jean, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport said in a press release.  

The airport also features the Shiseido Forest Valley with walking trials and smaller waterfalls. The Canopy Park features a suspended glass bottom bridge and the world's largest net walks that are suspended 25 meters above the ground.

Jewel Changi is filled with over 2,000 trees and palms, plus over 10,000 shrubs that came from Australia, China, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, and the US. "When we were choosing the plants to feature in Jewel, we had to consider different criteria including aesthetics and their ability to thrive within the complex given its light levels, temperature and humidity conditions," Jeremy Yeo, head of user experience, Jewel Changi Airport, told New Atlas.

There are plenty of activities for children, including nature walks and a unique playground in Canopy park. The discover slides consist of four integrated slides – two tube slides and two sliding surfaces – that allow children to see the entire forest valley and the rain vortex from above.

Evenings at the airport are amazing. There is an amazing Light and Sound show that runs at hourly intervals. The press release explains, "During the show, carefully controlled flow of water from the edge of the oculus will create a cascading bead curtain that will interplay with the projected light imagery. This is enhanced by music and mist effects to create an ethereal guest experience."