Singapore's Surreal Supertree Grove Will Leave You in Awe

Nature meets technology

Aug 11, 2017

Living in the city is great and brings with it a whole bunch of comforts and advantages, with the only real downside being the distance to anything resembling untouched nature. 

To bring some tranquility into the bustling metropolis, Singapore came up with an incredible and breathtaking solution: the city's Gardens by the Bay is a sprawling bio-dome filled with over 162,900 varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns, and tropical flowering climbers.

The crown jewel of the massive garden however, is Supertree Grove. Consisting of 18 massive cyborg trees, towering 25-50 meters above the ground and connected by walkways, these vertical gardens have become one of the most iconic and recognizable attractions in Singapore.

Equipped with solar panels to power the mesmerizing lights that come on after dark the supertrees collect rainwater for use in irrigation and fountain displays, and help cool down the air in the bio-dome - just like real trees.

Finding the perfect balance between futuristic technology and tranquil nature, Singapore's Supertree Grove will hopefully serve as inspiration to many more urban architects.

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