Sleeping in on the Weekend Will Actually Make You Live Longer

Swedish researchers published a new study that links catching up on sleep on the weekend to living a regular lifespan.


(Olena Yakobchuk /

Good news for the masses! New research from Stockholm University shows that sleeping in on the weekend can actually be very healthy! A 13-year study that followed the sleeping habits of 43,880 people has found that for those who are sleep deprived during the workweek, sleeping in on the weekends can, in fact, be beneficial.

The research, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, shows that those who don’t get enough sleep during the week and don’t compensate for it on the weekend either had a 52 percent increased rate of mortality. However, this is only true of middle-aged adults and adolescents. For seniors (age 65+) the study did not find the ill effects of sleep deprivation to be true.

The best thing we can do for our health is to sleep 7-8 hours a night. However, based on the Karolinska Institute’s new study, when a full night’s sleep is not an option, compensating on other nights will, in fact, benefit you. Getting adequate sleep is associated with many health benefits beyond longevity, including improved memory and focus, creativity, athletic performance, academic success, and focus.

Sleeping well can also curb inflammation, which can reduce one’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and premature aging. Moreover, reduced stress and weight gain are also linked to healthy and consistent sleep patterns. So go ahead and turn your alarm clock off this weekend, you now have a great excuse for that extra shut-eye.

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