Small Libraries Speak Volumes

Little Free Libraries dot the world


A typical Little Free Library.

(Erin Deleon /

Todd Bol came up with a super nifty idea: build a little box, install it outside your home, put a nice stash of books in it, and presto - you got a Free Little Library.
Put up as a memorial for his late mother, Boll's little library at his hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin, has since expanded into a network of free libraries that adorn the streets in towns all over the US, and all the way out to countries such as the UK and even Ghana.   
The website includes DIY tutorials to build your own free library house, but you can also order little library kits (prices are $100-$600 a kit).  The website alleviates all concerns: it turns out nobody steals the books, and there has only been a single case of vandalism; the little libraries bring out only good vibes.
Founded with a mission to promote healthy community relations and encourage literacy and the love of books everywhere, Little Free Library runs on ideas we love. [Source:]

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