Smart Water Bottles Can Keep You Hydrated

Drinking enough water has never been easier.


a smart water bottle tells you when you need to drink.

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With summer just around the corner, hot weather is sure to follow.. That means that staying hydrated while exercising or working outdoors is a must. But many people don’t drink enough water or are even aware of how much or little they are consuming. A company Israel has a solution for that, a new smart water bottle that tells you when you have to drink. 

Smart water bottles
If you frequently forget to drink during the day, then a smart water bottle may be the answer. These high-tech bottles can remind you to drink, according to Verywell Fit. There are a lot of different varieties out there, some have built-in temperature gauges and some can even sanitize your water. It all depends on the technology used. 

Smart bottles are ““incredibly versatile for anyone who wants to ensure they’re getting the recommended daily amount of fluids,” Lori Ann Peterson, a retired pediatric nurse told verywellfit. 

But one smart bottle stands out from the rest because it relies on a smart cap that measures how much water is left in the bottle and reminds you to drink by vibrating, changing colors, and sending a message to your phone, reported No Camels. The cap is made by Tel Aviv packaging company ImpacX

It’s all about the cap
All the technology fits into the ordinary looking bottle cap. “What we’ve developed in impacX is a kind of smart packaging platform that comprises three elements,” Yoav Hoshen, senior VP of sales and development at ImpacX, told No Camels. 

First, the technology that tracks the water level is embedded in the cap. The amount you drink is calculate by sending a laser beam inside the bottle and then measuring how long it takes to reach the cap. But the second element is even more impressive.

The smart cap is connected to an app that helps you personalize your hydration needs. You need to input your weight, and age as part of the onboarding process, according to Hoshen.

And, you can even connect your smart bottle to a third-party fitness app. “If you have [a] specific target, let’s say you are pregnant, or you practice some sport activity or you want to meet some other goals, there are specific modules in the app that you can say, ‘I’m pregnant, I’m in my third month’ or ‘I’m now about to run,’ or you can even connect it automatically to your sports tracker,” Hoshen said. 

While the technology is complex, the smart water bottle is actually easy to use because the bottle reminds you when you need to drink. It’s pretty difficult to ignore flashing lights and vibration reminders. A red light means that you have to drink more and a green light indicates if you are drinking the correct hydration amounts.

impacX has launched the smart bottle in Israel as part of a full country pilot and plans to expand to other countries. The company has already signed an agreement with the sports drink company Gatorade.

Staying hydrated is serious business and smart water bottles can help you stay healthy and feeling your best even in the summer heat.

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