Smile, Today is International Day of Happiness!

The UN-backed happy day encourages people around the world to spread some positivity.

Mar 20, 2015
International Day of Happiness

March 20 marks International Day of Happiness. [Screenshot]

In 2011 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognized happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and decreed that March 20 will be a day to observe happiness.
Efforts to make this joyful day meaningful have been popping up all over the web - starting with the initiators of the occasion, the United Nations, which wants people to share the song that makes them happiest by going to their website or tweeting #HappySoundsLike. Their growing celebrity roster includes Ban Ki Moon getting his boogy on, and Charlize Theron and musician Ed Sheerhan sharing their favorite happy songs.  

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Goodnet-favorite nonprofit Action For Happiness  is also chiming in with its Day of Happiness  2015 campaign, which is focused on connections with others. The call to action revolves around reaching out to people in person or online in an effort to foster a genuine and positive interaction. The campaign has mobilized Happiness Activists who are celebrating the day with different actions in cities across the globe.  
In addition to this campaign, there is an open invitation for people to join the HAPPY PARTY. The initiative is a joint effort between famed Happy singer Pharrell Williams and the United Nations Foundation who are throwing a global party to spread happiness and demand climate action. Participation includes taking four fun pics of yourself, which will be animated into a dance GIF and placed into the global party with Pharrell’s music as the soundtrack. Party people are encouraged to share their GIF via social media and spread the word by using two hashtags #HAPPYDAY and #HAPPYPLANET.
Happiness is right at your fingertips, celebrate the day by joining one of these initiatives or take Goodnet’s happiness quiz and spread the joy!