Smile Train Brings Big Grins to Children's Faces

Changing the world, one smile at a time

Jul 31, 2017

(Courtesy of SmileTrain)

A pretty smile has special powers. It can calm fears and insecurities, not only in ourselves, but also others. Millions of children around the world however, don't have the luxury of a confident smile due to their cleft lip and palate.

Since 1999, Smile Train has been working tirelessly and helped millions of children in developing countries around the world by treating cleft lips. The children's charity doesn’t just treat children suffering from a cleft lip and palate, they also ensure communities have the on-going help and support patients need. The organization trains local doctors who take what they’ve learned and give back to their communities.

A cleft is the result of body parts that do not form correctly or fully while in the mother’s womb. In many financially unstable nations, many children with clefts are ostracised, or left untreated. Many of these kids with untreated clefts experience trouble speaking, breathing, and eating.

Thanks to Smile Train over a million patients in more than 85 countries around the globe have received much-neede treatment, and every five minutes another child receives a surgery to give them a new and beautiful smile.

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