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Findery is a collaborative travel journal


Leave a note in this river canyon.

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We're all used to seeing our Facebook newsfeeds and Instagram streams crammed full of friends' vacation snapshots and food photos... But what if there was a way to access these tips and recommendations from the people we trust, when and where we needed them? Enter the Findery – a new social website built to help users glean local knowledge and hidden stories from the world around them.
Founded by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr and Chairman of the Board of Etsy, the beautifully-designed site and iPhone app lets users leave notes in specific locations for other users to find – combining text and images into memory maps, trip diaries and interesting places to share. It also features a global, searchable map so you can get your explorer on with the click of a button or the swipe of a touch screen.  
Like most social networks, users follow each other, and the Findery has put together a list of favorites to get you started. Another fantastic feature is the app's "bump" alert, which lets you know when you've bumped into nearby notes.
Where would you like to leave a note?

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