Socktober is the New October

Kid President is at it again [VIDEO]

Oct 21, 2013


Socktober is the New October | Kid President is at it again [VIDEO]

Fact: On any given night, around 600,000 people in the United States are without a home – either on the street or in a shelter - and they're in need of socks to keep them warm in the cold winter.
In partnership with Soul Pancake, our favorite Kid President has a new decree - renaming the month of October Socktober - and it comes with a challenge: getting one million people to perform a small act of kindness towards the homeless this month. 
Aside from donating socks, there are other ways to get involved: folks can volunteer at a local shelter or introduce themselves to someone living on the street, and perhaps share a meal with them.  
As part of Socktober, Kid President is raising money to build a mobile homeless care unit in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has even released a song in which half of all proceeds go to the cause. 
So how are you going to celebrate Socktober?

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