The Summer Camp for Adults - Where No Technology is Allowed

Camp Grounded is providing an authentic camp experience for grown ups – s’mores included

Jun 8, 2014

Image from Camp Grounded

Camp fires, friendship bracelets, sing-a-longs, hikes, s’mores  - these may sound like beautiful memories of your summer camp past, but lo and behold, this experience is being recreated for adults with a twist. Meet Camp Grounded, a place where grownups can be youngsters again, all in a technology-free zone. That means no computers, cell phones, or other gadgetry with a WIFI connection. In the spirit of digital detox - a move to disconnect from technology in order to connect to the world - Camp Grounded offers an oasis from the daily grind of adult life.  
The sleep-away camp hosts a variety of activities from yoga and archery to candle making and the obligatory summer game of capture the flag. Summer 2014 registration is already under way, with four-day sessions of unbridled fun that have the potential to bring you to a carefree and joyful place, creating memories of a lifetime.

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