Superheroes Are Welcoming New Roles to Help Others

Remarkable people around the world are stepping up, giving back and supporting each other.

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a completely new profession or role? Would you consider trading your everyday routine for a different experience and even a new uniform? Although the world as we know it has virtually changed overnight, new opportunities (both paid and voluntary) have risen in light of the pandemic. Everyday heroes have emerged and embraced the ways in which they can use their skills and newfound time to help others. 

One such hero who has made a career switch is Peter Login from Horsham, England. While we can usually find Peter in a plane, navigating the skies for the British Airways airline, he has assumed his new role as a Tesco supermarket delivery truck driver, bringing food to those who need it most.

With Brits sheltering in place, Peter has stepped up in a huge way. Many of the customers he services live alone and Peter notes that, “sometimes you can tell these people might not have seen anyone for the last two weeks and they might not have spoken to anyone.” Peter is not only bringing these customers the essentials to survive but he is also delivering something even more important — hope. 

In Italy, a seasoned driver has also taken to the streets to lend a helping hand during these troubling times. But, unlike Peter, he is very accustomed to zipping around corners and pressing his foot to the gas.  F1 Ferrari team boss, Maurizio Arrivabene, is now transporting sick Italians to the hospital as an ambulance driver.  From the thrill of a race track to becoming an essential part of Italy’s rescue team, Maurizio didn’t waste a minute putting his stellar driving experience to good use.

Even more noble, EuroWeekly reveals that Maurizio “preferred not to say anything to anyone.” Although he wanted to keep his volunteerism under wraps, his bravery and selflessness should be commended. 

Over in Edmonton, Canada, instead of showing off kitchens to potential buyers, realtor Jordan Zabloski is now busy baking hundreds of muffins in the kitchen of The Mustard Seed. This is a local Christian non-profit that supports Western Canada’s homeless population. Jordan reflects on the first day that he volunteered at the Mustard Seed, spending hours making care packages and putting together hampers. Jordan thoughtfully states  that “there’s always some way you can volunteer or help out.”

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With the same notion in mind, Brett Lanius has found a creative way to volunteer and put his detail-oriented skills to use. He is now operating a laser cutter to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Maker Studios in Marietta, Georgia. This initiative is part of a new group called “Atlanta Beats COVID”. A film industry worker, Brett is currently unemployed. He confirmed that “people want to be productive and turn our skills around to do that. It’s better than sitting around watching reruns all day.” Instead of being glued to the TV, Brett is now glued to the machine, ensuring that the equipment he creates makes all necessary specifications. 

These incredible workers are only four out of thousands worldwide who are finding new ways to apply their skills, experience and free time. As uncertain as our current reality may be, we can take solace in knowing that people are still trying to do their best and look out for each other. Like Mr. Rogers beautifully stated, “look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

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