The Surprising Secret to Instant Calm: Kittens! [VIDEO]

SoulPancake invites people on street to enter a glass “therapy” box, and gives them the best surprise ever - kitten playtime!

Nov 27, 2014

There’s art therapy and physical therapy, water therapy and vocational therapy, there’s Freud’s classic talking therapy - but what about kitten therapy? In this heart-warming video, SoulPancake shows that sometimes all you need is some play time with a bunch of cute kitties.

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First, people on the street are asked to rank their stress levels, and then they’re invited to enter the glass “therapy” box and close their eyes for a moment of relaxation. During the guided meditation, a kitten purrs - and each person instantly melts into laughter. A voice then instructs them to open their eyes - and the furry fun begins!
As the uplifting clip goes on, the real proof is in the pudding - and participants are far calmer after their therapy session. As one reports: “You can’t be stressed when you’re sitting in a box full of kittens.”
While the glass box on the street idea is novel, animal therapy is very real - and used to treat patients from terminally ill children to senior citizens living in nursing homes. There are even robotic animals like Paro the seal for when a real therapy animal isn’t feasible or available.
Want in? Click here for your own virtual kitten therapy.

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