Sweet and Cuddly Cat Finally Finds Forever Family

Happy ending for a lonely kitty that was returned for being too cuddly.


Woman cuddling a cute cat.

(evrymmnt / Shutterstock.com)

Ellie, a cute four year old cat from Virginia was having a pretty challenging life until a recent Tweet went viral and changed her life forever. The black and white kitty had been adopted by owners who didn’t want to cuddle her, deciding to return her to the shelter instead, according to The Charlotte Observer. But the sad days are over for sweet Ellie, who has now found her "furever" home.

Adopting a pet
Adopting a cat or any pet is a big responsibility. In fact, NBC News suggests that you ask yourself some important questions before making the decision. Returning a pet back to their shelter is not ideal to say the least, and it should be avoided as much as possible. They recommend answering questions such as “will a pet fit into my lifestyle?” and “can I really afford it?” The answers will be key in making a decision that will be best for both the pet and you and your family members. 

Unfortunately, sometimes pets are returned even if the shelter helped the family make the decision and even with people who had the best intentions in the world. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And whether this was the case with Ellie or not, the lack of love and affection she kept experiencing in her short life was really not fair. Luckily, the internet came to the rescue. 

The power of the internet
According to Fox News, Ellie was returned to the local PetSmart with very little notice. So from there, Kate Balow, the owner of a non profit organization called Meow Stories’ took her in right away. Their job was to facilitate Ellie’s adoption process, and they didn't know how long it would take. There was no way to know the world would fall in love with her and that it would happen as fast as it did. 

People all over the world were touched by Ellie’s story and the post went viral. And according to The Charlotte Observer, within a few days, she was adopted by someone who was ready to give her all the love and cuddles she needed. Now when Ellie cries at night seeking affection, she finds the love and support that she has been craving. Ellie has found a home. 

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