Swimming in New York: For the First Time in 100 Years

New project filters water with a floating pool

Jul 15, 2013

Image by +POOL

For a city surrounded by water, options for New Yorkers to swim outdoors in natural environment are surprisingly limited. Thanks to +POOL - a newly-funded project to build a filtered, floating swimming pool in the middle of the river - that’s about to change.
The project began with the goal of cleaning the entire river, starting with one small piece at a time. After that, the idea expanded - developing technology designed to filter the very water it floats on, and allowing New Yorkers to swim in clean river water for the first time in 100 years at the same time. Now that the project is funded, the team will start developing and designing the full water cleansing assembly and finding the best structural, mechanical, electrical and filtration systems. The full version is essentially four pools stuck together into the shape of a plus - kids, sports, laps and lounge - and is scheduled to open in 2016, right in time for the sweltering hot New York summer.
The startup exceeded its $250,000 seed capital bid using a Kickstarter campaign, offering supporters different perks on a sliding scale depending on donation size, including names engraved on various different pool tiles and an invitation to the first dip.
Good for the environment and good fun!

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