Talented Dogs Inspire Forever Homes

Give these smart, agile dogs a round of applause!

Talented Dogs Inspire Forever Homes | Give these smart, agile dogs a round of applause!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, offering companionship, love, and joy. Many dogs also love to perform and relish a cheering crowd, as seen in The Marvelous Mutts show. What sets this show apart is that the canine cast are all from shelters with these enthusiastic ‘actors’ proving that rescue dogs rock.

From the frisbee toss to dock-diving, The Marvelous Mutts show is action-packed and does important work to encourage dog adoption. With approximately 3.1 million dogs entering animal shelters in the US each year, according to the ASPCA, there is a great need for people to adopt dogs.

Forming a special pack
The Marvelous Mutts organization was started by Nadja Palenzuela and Kara Gilmore, according to inspiremore. They had two animal rescue dogs of their own who were loving, agile, and athletic.

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They combed shelters across the country, gathering a team of dogs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Forming their own pack, they trained the dogs at their ranch in the Hudson River Valley in New York, teaching them how to run obstacle courses, leap high into the air, and jump into a pool to retrieve objects.

When they were searching for dogs, they discovered that most animals were put into shelters because they were too energetic for a family. Yet this strength was exactly what they were looking for, explaining that dogs have a drive and need a job to do.

“So we find out what they do best and train them up; we use their innate drive and desire to please and train them to be amazing athletes and performers that enjoy being in public,” Palenzuela told inspiremore.

The Marvelous Mutts show then took to the road, performing at fairs, shows, and concerts, all the while spreading the love of rescue dogs to thrilled audiences. Many people are so impressed by these dogs, they go out after the show and adopt their own pet, Palenzuela explained on the Good Morning America video

Educating the public about rescuing shelter dogs
The show has traveled across the US, South America, and Canada, performed at pet expos, done half-time shows at sports games and has been on many TV shows, according to their website. Since 2011, they have connected with adults and children in over 2,000 shows.

They also go to school and libraries to educate children about rescuing dogs and about the value of treating animals with dignity. And, of course, this education also includes a live peak at what their marvelous mutts can do!

Palenzuela and Gilmore believe that their rescue dogs can do everything a purebred can do and do it better. Their message is that people who want a dog should not choose a registered dog, rather do an act of kindness by visiting a shelter and bringing home a dog that needs a loving home. There are millions of dogs sitting in shelters, and although not all are athletic, many would make a wonderful best friend.

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