Taylor Swift’s Top Fans Are in for a Surprise [VIDEO]

The songstress extraordinaire has a generous spirit, and gave her most devoted fans a Christmas to remember.

Jan 18, 2015

Taylor Swift is Number One on the musical charts, selling out concerts and accumulating a wide following of devoted fans of all ages. Also known for her charitable side, the singer-songwriter outdid herself this Christmas with personalized gifts and notes to her most active social media fans. 
In an investigative process which became known as 'Tay-lurking,' the performer used social media to find out every detail of her fans likes, jobs and family. She then posted a  single emoji in their online feed - a Santa. The information from this Tay-lurking was used to purchase and hand-wrap gifts to her chief admirers, including personalized, handwritten notes. Large FedEx boxes started appearing at doorsteps and a new word was born - Swiftmas.
The spliced home videos show Swift preparing the presents, admonishing her cats for sitting on the wrapping paper and the most exciting moment of all – witnessing her fans receive and open their gifts from their biggest idol. Tears of joy, shock, happiness and gratitude fill the video, as Taylor Swift takes on the role of Santa Claus - showing her fans just how important they are to her with this well-orchestrated act of generosity.

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