TED Talk of the Week: A Father-Daughter Bond Shown in Photos

“One of the most important things we all make are memories.”

Feb 16, 2016

The act of handing your camera to stranger to take your photo is remarkably universal. But to father and photography buff, Steve Addis, this simple gesture holds a whole other meaning - it’s these strangers who have helped him create 15 years of memories of him and his daughter.

In this TED Talk of the Week, Addis takes us on a journey through time to New York, where, every year for the last 15 years, Addis and his daughter pose outside the same building and ask a stranger to take their photo. The result is a touching photo collection of Addis holding his daughter as they both get progressively older - the same moment captured in time over 15 years.

In this four-minute clip, Addis explains how this ritual became more than just a fun father-daughter tradition – thanks to these strangers, Addis and his daughter have created lasting memories.

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