TED Talk of the Week: Got a Meeting? Take a Walk

Nilofer Merchant proposes a simple way to get up and get moving.

Jan 5, 2016

What does the average person spend most of their day doing? Texting? Driving? Browsing the web? According to business innovator Nilofer Merchant, the answer is – sitting. That’s right, nowadays people are on their bums for an average of 9.3 hours a day, which is more than even the average 7.7 hours spent sleeping. All that time on our behinds has its consequences. Diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease are just some of the many illnesses linked to a lack of physical activity.

Merchant has come up with a solution for desk jockeys and others who spend a majority of their days seated - mobile meetings. Instead of a conference room, coffee shop, or office, she suggests taking a walk. For Merchant, this small change meant 20 to 30 hours of her week were spent off her chair and outside. In this TED Talk of the Week, she explains the benefits of walking meetings, including out-of-the-box thinking and how fresh air provides a fresh perspective.  

So next time you have a meeting - as Merchant puts it – walk the talk.

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