TED Talk of the Week: Michelle Obama on Educating Girls

The First Lady’s authentic talk explores the role education played in changing her life.

May 26, 2015

Michelle Obama made her first foreign trip to the UK in 2009 as the First Lady of the United States. Speaking at a London school for girls, Obama is a bit nervous as her voice wavers at the beginning of her speech. But soon enough, the First Lady gains confidence and momentum as she opens up about herself and her humble beginnings.
The theme of the talk is the importance of education and the incredible places it can take you. Michelle Obama says it best when she states,”By getting a good education, you too can control your own destiny. If you want to know the reason why I'm standing here, it's because of education."
The First Lady has been a strong advocate for education, specifically for girls. Now nearing the end of the Obamas’ second term in office, her message has remained consistent and clear as can be seen in this beautiful and impassioned TED Talk of the Week.

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