TED Talk of the Week: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg speaks about the connection between the wonders of nature and the importance of being grateful.

Jun 23, 2015

“I didn’t have much money, but I had time and a sense of wonder.”

This TED Talk of the Week features award-winning photographer and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, who has perfected timelapse photography. Over the course of his 30-year career, Schwartzberg has focused on documenting his favorite subject – flowers, and his deep appreciation of nature is the topic of his talk. In 10 captivating minutes, the photographer delves into the connection between natural beauty and gratitude.
The video is accompanied by Schwatzberg’s breathless imagery, allowing the human eye an up close and personal experience of seeing fruits bloom, bees pollinate and bear witness to the overall symbiosis of Mother Nature. Sit back and let this meditative and eye-opening TED talk flow over you and, perhaps, fill you with gratitude.

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