The Google Way to Get off Your Couch and Meet the Neighbors

Google makes it easy to share a friendly game with your neighbors



Playing beach vollyball.

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Getting in shape and meeting your neighbors is as easy as searching on Joga+1, a cutting-edge platform which uses Google technology to connect people and inform them of parks and squares in their area where they can meet to practice sports.
Here's how it works: first you select a sport you want to play, then you look to see if there are other people in your area who meet to play. The results appear on a map that shows exactly where the games are taking place and who’s involved. Each activity lists the member profiles of the participants which allows you to make contact to find out more details about exactly when a game might be taking place. All that's left to do is click join, and faster than you can tie the laces on your new sports shoes, you could be shooting some hoops or having a kick around with a group of new friends.

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