These Are the 5 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the World

Over the years, vegan cuisine has come a long way and there are now vegan eateries that attract vegans and omnivores alike.

Feb 20, 2018

While more and more people are subscribing to an animal-friendly lifestyle, vegan and vegetarian options can still be hard to find. Vegans often lament that they can only seem to find raw vegetables and french fries to eat when they go out. But over the years, vegan cuisine has come a long way and there are now vegan eateries that attract vegans and omnivores alike. In fact, some cities are known for their vegan-friendly variety.


Germany’s capital, Berlin has been a leader in the global movement towards veganism. Although Germany is known for its sausages, Berlin is home to a thriving vegan community, offering countless animal product-free culinary opportunities. Not only is Berlin home to dozens of vegan restaurants, the ones that offer meat include exceptional vegan options on their menus.

People dine out in Wrangelkiez area of Kreuzberg district in Berlin.

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With 5-8 percent of the country’s population choosing to lead meat-free lifestyles, Israel is home to the world’s highest number of vegans per capita in the world - and that number continues to grow. You will be hard pressed to find a restaurant in Israel that doesn’t offer vegan friendly options. In fact, the Israeli Army even accommodates their vegan soldiers with nutritious animal product-free options at every meal.  

Street cafe in the Arab quarter of Jaffa, Tel Aviv

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You can bet that a city that is home to a place that boasts 20 types of vegan artisan cheese takes their veggie-friendly food scene seriously. Portland’s vegan options are not limited to restaurants, as the city is dotted with vegan food carts. Portland is definitely a city where vegans know they won’t go hungry - and maybe they can even convert some of their meat eating friends.

Barista coffee shop in the Pearl District of Portland Oregon.

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Although veganism is a new concept in most of the world, approximately half of India’s population is vegetarian. South India is known in particular for its delicious vegan cuisine. You don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy eating in Chennai, as some of the city’s best restaurants are vegan.

inside of local store. Indian trader in his shop on local market selling all kind of goods

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Thanks to its large Buddhist population, Taiwan is a haven for vegans. Taiwan’s largest city, Taipei, is known for its wealth of world-class vegan restaurants. Taipei’s chefs take pride in creating vegan traditional Taiwanese dishes with an international twist.

Travel and dining out is becoming more and more accessible to our vegan friends. Celebrate by going out in one of these awesome cities and enjoying some high-quality, delicious vegan food.

Locals and tourists walking at the Ximending street market in Taipei, Taiwan on May 4, 2016

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