These Cute Medical Bracelets Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Kid-Approved Awareness


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Iris Shamus created a fun and approachable way to protect kids and teach them about their medical health issues.

The mom to three kids founded AllerMates after doctors diagnosed her son Ben, with severe food allergies.

To try and help him understand what he could eat, she drew allergy-inspired characters, gave them funny names, and wrote stories and poems about them in the hopes of teaching medical awareness.

Not long after, she decided to feature her characters on kids’ medicine cases and health alert bracelets that would be fun for other children to wear as well.

After hearing how Iris’ products made it easier for her to keep Ben safe, hundreds of other parents began supporting her cause.

AllerMates addresses health concerns such as diabetes, autism, gluten intolerances, food allergies, and more.

Because of Iris’ dedication, thousands of families can help their children live healthy lives and make them look cool in the process.

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