These Handmade Scarves Make Cancer Patients Happy

They are pieces of art and truly Craft’d With Love


(Maxim Sosedov /

There are few things that feel better than wrapping yourself in a nice, warm scarf when you’re cold or even just to get that fuzzy feeling when you’re having a hard time. Peter Lee and Ana Fuentes had the same thought and in 2013 founded the Craft'd With Love project, which creates and donates hand-knit scarves to cancer patients undergoing treatment during the cold winter months. Craft'd With Love was born after Lee and Fuentes witnessed, first hand, the toll cancer takes on patients and their families, and is their special way of honoring the memory of their mother.

Since 2013, Craft'd With Love kicks off a “Share The Warmth” season during the winter months, and has already donated over 400 hand knitted scarves in the past three years. The project is based on the belief that a simple, kind gesture can do wonders for the human spirit and help keep hope alive in even the most dire of situations. Lee and Fuentes say they want patients to know they are beeing cheered on, as they navigate through this scary and difficult journey. Their beautiful scarves are meant to give patients a warm and familiar object, which they can take with them as they undergo treatment in cold hospital rooms.

The project is entirely funded by donations and this year has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations, which help distribute the scarves to patients in need of a little boost of motivation. Craft’d With Love’s amazing scarves are positively providing emotional support and comfort to hundreds of patients, and are a perfect example of how small gestures of kindness can have big and lasting effects on the lives of other people.

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