These Music Boxes Are as Unique as the Tree They're Made From

Rob de Looff makes sure to memorize the trees that once stood in our cities and turns them into beautiful pieces of art

Dec 2, 2018

(Courtesy of Rob de Looff)

It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, a time of love and giving. To many, the holiday season means gifts, but to a growing number of people, the consumerism of the holiday seasons is off-putting.

Many still want to give presents but are looking for alternative, ethically made, recycled, or sustainable gifts that also have meaning.

Rob de Looff, a furniture maker in Holland, makes music boxes, no two of which are ever the same. He gets the city trees from 'city wood' which saves them from being shredded. Rob then gives them a new, beautiful purpose.

Some of the trees that were cut down stood in their city for over a hundred years. They have a past and a story and Rob makes sure they don't disappear.

Every single music box is unique, with the details of the tree from which it is made on the underside of each box.

On Rob's website, Robin Wood, you can personalize your box further by choosing the songs and engraving, yourself. The engravings on the box include either a bird or a ballerina, and the songs to choose from are Amazing Grace, Greensleeves and Lovers Concerto.

The boxes vary in size and can either be mechanical that you wind up yourself or automatic that begin to play upon opening.

The beautiful boxes are made from a variety of wood including beech, acacia, ash, plane, and lime.

Save wood from going to waste with a sustainable, environmentally conscious gift this holiday season.

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