These Paralyzed Musicians Play Music Using their Brain Power

Talent comes in many forms

Jun 6, 2017


These Paralyzed Musicians Play Music Using their Brain Power | Talent comes in many forms

Although most musicians use their fingers to create notes from string instruments, this unique device allows a group of motor impaired artists to continue living out their passion.

The Paramusical Ensemble is a four-man group who wear rubber caps that act as Brain-Computer Music Interfacing systems. The electrodes on the caps are able to sense the wearer’s brain waves, while a computer screen (placed in front of the musician), shows various music samples. The musician plays their preferred tune, just by wearing the cap and looking at the music.

The machine is ideal for those suffering from ALS. During one of their shows, the group showcased their musical aptitude by performing a piece called Activating Memory, during a performance at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disabilty in London. For more on this extraordinary group, be sure to watch their documentary.

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