These Socks Turn Your Feet Into Positive Affirmations

Start your day on the right foot.

Dec 1, 2023
These Socks Turn Your Feet Into Positive Affirmations | Start your day on the right foot.

Positive affirmations can help start your day off on the right foot. Or both feet in the case of putting on socks that come with motivational messages that encourage positivity. That’s exactly what notes to self aims to do with its mission of putting the power of positive thinking right on people’s feet.

Founder Laura Schmidt from Prairie Village, Kansas, believes that positive affirmations can make a big difference in people’s lives and that can start by putting one foot in front of another, according to Her Life Magazine.

“The real thing that we are doing here has so little to do with socks…it’s the words, Schmidt told Her Life. “Our tagline is ‘words make all the difference.’ The thoughts you think to yourself, the words you utter about yourself, and the words other people say to you are so important. All of these things make such a difference.”

What are affirmations?
Affirmations are short phrases that you can repeat to help you change the way you think and feel about yourself, according to Everyday Health. If you meditate or practice yoga you may already be doing this, even if you are not aware of all the benefits.

These statements are intended to help you shift your thinking from negative to positive and help to motivate an action that can assist to improve your self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

Telling yourself positive affirmations are free and easy to practice anytime, and are powerful tools to help you cope in these stressful times. It can be as simple as putting on a pair of socks.

Her Life Magazine reported that the affirmations on the notes to self socks are inspirational including, “I am so awesome,” “I am smart,” or “I am strong.” The company offers 30 different motivational sayings on its socks. The company’s socks are high quality athletic socks with arch support and made in the US.

The motivation behind notes to self socks
The idea behind the affirmation socks came from an aha moment, according to the company’s website. During a trip to western Kansas on New year’s Day, 2011, Schmidt was looking at her feet that were propped up on the dashboard and thinking about one of her favorite things; positive affirmations and how the subconscious is most receptive in the early morning and late at night. She turned to her husband and said, “I think I’m going to put positive affirmations on the toes of socks!”

In the summer of 2011, Schmid’s daughter wore one of the prototypes with the “I am confident,” affirmation on it to volleyball practice and the response was really positive.

Since then, millions of people have worn notes to self socks and the company regularly donates socks to nonprofit organizations and to school children. She has partnered with the American Heart Association and each sale through the link on the nonprofit’s website gave a percentage of the sales to the organization.

Schmid hopes that the socks give people – especially young people – the encouragement and confidence they need to be the best that they can be. “My wish for the world is that people really do believe in themselves. You do have everything you need to live out your best life,” she told Her Life Magazine.

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