These Swiss Trains Have Full-Blown Playgrounds For Kids Inside

Who said traveling with kids can't be super fun?

Aug 13, 2019


These Swiss Trains Have Full-Blown Playgrounds For Kids Inside | Who said traveling with kids can't be super fun?

Switzerland has taken the adventure of riding a long-distance train up several notches with their mobile initiative; double-decker InterCity trains, complete with colorfully designed coaches, playgrounds, and board games that help kids pass the time during long trips.

In this landlocked European country, travel by train is an extremely popular and eco-friendly solution to cars, even ranking high on world reports. Train travel makes up the majority of Swiss transport journeys at around 82%, and according to the Swiss Association of Public Transport, covers more than 20 billion passenger-kilometers per year.

Then there’s the worldwide recognition; Switzerland ranked 10th overall in the World Economic Forum Travel & Tourism Competitiveness report for environmental sustainability. For those who wish to travel by train, Switzerland made sure it’s easy and convenient.

To make commutes and rides even more enjoyable, last year, Swiss national rail operator SBB introduced what could only be described as a child’s dream travel experience, a train complete with on-board playgrounds and opportunities for play for kids under the age of six.

While their children are joyfully passing the time, sliding down slides and frolicking on the playground, parents can relax and not worry about having to entertain their young ones.

Families traveling to the airport will especially benefit from these family-friendly trains, as they can easily leave strollers on the lower deck, while children can explore and play on the upper deck, which features fun themes like jungles, space, or the world of dinosaurs.

The family wagons and zones even come with gaming tables where young passengers can even challenge siblings, friends, or parents to board games. Time flies when you’re able to spend time in outer space!

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