This Anthem Celebrating Kids’ Creativity Will Get You in the Mood for DIY [VIDEO]

The DIY iPhone app encourages children to think outside the box and share their inventions with friends

Aug 10, 2014
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It's simple, it's catchy and it will get stuck in your head. This is the anthem for iPhone app DIY which celebrates and empowers children's creativity. Titled "Build. Make. Hack. Grow" the animated clip uses some friendly foxes to show how the app allows kids to share images of their inventions with friends and family, and also receive encouraging feedback in the form of funky stickers. Take, for example, the challenge of building a kite as seen in this video. It starts off with one fox making a kite alone in his yard and sharing his endeavors through the app. After learning about his project, the whole neighborhood is inspired and soon after homemade kites appear from every home. After earning a well-earned badge for his hard work, our furry hero gets the DIY bug and with some help from his friends, manages to build some pretty impressive creations with his bare hands, including a super fun tree house. With tools like these, the sky’s the limit when it comes to harnessing the creativity of kids.

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