This Awesome Photographer Transforms Sick Kids Into Superheroes

This is the REAL Justice League!

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Sometimes by understanding others’ struggles, we gain insight into what it means to embody a superhero. Photographer Josh Rossi has an especially close tie to discovering a hero in his midst. In 2016, the artist spent $1,500 turning his then-3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman, and people loved his work so much, his project went viral.

A year later, Rossi decided to expand his original idea and turn those fighting some of the most difficult battles into the crime-fighters we all know and love. His mission? Transforming kids battling disabilities and diseases into Justice League superheroes.

Rossi told PetaPixel that his aim was to turn their ‘weaknesses’ (cancer and other physical and mental ailments) and turn them into strengths. During the project, he spent time getting to know and working with six kids all eight and under, creating a special movie poster just for them.

Each custom costume, which cost over $10,000, was donated especially for this project. After the photographer mapped out the concept, shot, and edited the images, he surprised each child on camera with the final version.

“It was amazing seeing the excitement on their faces!” He said.