This California Moving Company Helps People Get a New Start in Life

Meathead Movers moves victims of domestic violence for free

Oct 3, 2019


This California Moving Company Helps People Get a New Start in Life | Meathead Movers moves victims of domestic violence for free

Meathead Movers is not your average moving company. Based off a client and employee-centered philosophy, the company hires college athletes and guides them through professional experiences that prepare them for careers.

But the company does even more good work. For over five years, Meathead Movers has been providing free services for victims of domestic abuse and natural disaster by helping them move out of their dangerous living situations and into new and safe homes.

“A lot of times they feel like a prisoner in their own life,” Justin Pieper, operations manager for Meathead Movers’ Fresno office told The Fresno Bee. “It’s good to be able to offer that out.”

Laura Lopez, one of the housing services managers explained that this branch of the company is “life changing”.  The student athlete employees are taught to uphold highest respect and courtesy to all of their clients, including the victims who reach out.

One woman, a mother of three, was so touched by the students’ patience, helping her move around her bookcases several times until they found the perfect spot. Lopez explains that this is kind of service is the norm, the boys wrap the furniture and move it with care and respect no matter if the client is paying or not.

Meathead Movers was founded in 1997 by two high school brothers – Aaron and Evan Steed – who struggled to find jobs that would support their athletic and academic careers. After they helped a friend’s family move houses, their strong work ethic, clean-cut style, and proper manners quickly caught steam in the neighborhood, and with the help of some guerilla marketing, they began building up the business. Always making sure that impeccable customer service remained a priority.

That dedication to their clients has paid off. For eight consecutive years they have gained recognition as one of INC 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies; an honor that only two percent of companies receive.

Meathead Movers has provided 700 jobs to university athletes, enabling them to support themselves, gain professional experience, and take part in a profitable social enterprise. Many of the workers have gone on to excel in their professional life and in giving back to their communities.

Two years ago, the company took their social cause a step further, and launched the nonprofit #MoveToEndDV. The organization enables and encourages businesses to donate goods and services to victims of domestic violence. The goal of the non-profit is to recruit 10,000 businesses to join the cause. So far, 226 businesses have pledged their support.

Meathead Movers is a company that is moving up both professionally and in the community service they provide. Helping people is not just a business philosophy, it is the business.

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