This Needle-Free Injector Is a Marvel of Modern Medicine

Finally a pain free alternative to getting poked with a needle


(Courtesy of Portal Instruments)

Science and modern medicine have come a long way and found treatments for countless diseases, including Diabetes and the various side effects that come with it.

Many of the medications for Diabetes need to be administered with a needle, which for many people is such a problem that they forgoe the medicine alltogether.

That's where PRIME comes in. The device, developed by Portal Instruments offers a smart, offers a needle-free option to deliver medication that needs to be injected under the skin.

PRIME is roughly the size of an electrical razor but packs a whole host of innovative techonologies.

Once the vessel holding a dose of medicine is placed into the device, a powerful electromagnetic actuator pushes on a piston inside the vessel, pressurizing the drug and ejecting a hair-thin stream through the device's nozzle.

The stream shoots out of the nozzle at about 200 meters per second - roughly the speed of a commercial airliner - and passes through the skin, causing little to no pain.

Since the dosage and injection depth are automatically adjusted by the specially developed mechanism, PRIME can deliver drugs at maximum effectivity and a minimum of discomfort for the patients.

And because no device is complete without a companion app, a connected application tracks each dose and uploads that information to the cloud, for patients and doctors to see.

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