This Company Turns Refuse into Parkas

This brand is crafting treasures.

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Patagonia, a US-based clothing company was recently given the moniker, “The Most Reputable Brand in the US” for clothing. According to Forbes,the company earned this title thanks to its commitment to ethical and green business practices, for example being a pioneering company when it came to using organic cotton and building their warehouse on a repurposed coal mine. Patagonia is credited for its flexibility when meeting industry challenges, but their rigidness when it comes to selling out on their company values. 

Patagonia’s latest creative design is the Stormshadow Parka, an environmentally-friendly coat made entirely from recycled trash salvaged from the ocean, reports Now This. 

From plastic to parka
In contrast to other products made from materials in a recycling center, Patagonia’s coat is literally made from trash directly drawn from the oceans. To accomplish this, Patagonia partnered with Bionic, who hires Central American and Asian workers to stockpile the trash that washes up on the shore.

The plastic is then brought to sorting facilities, where it needs to be cleansed of the salt and dirt that it accumulated in the oceans. Gore-Tex, another Patagonia partner, invented a special process to remove the impurities and extract Polyethylene, a material free from forever chemicals that are typically retained in a plastic. The Polyethylene is then spun into yarn where it can be used to make the Stormshadow Parka.

The Stormshadow Parka
According to Fast Company, the result is a windproof and waterproof parka that is built to last. Mark Little, the global product director explains, “If you buy this jacket, we don’t want to see you again for a decade. We’re committed to building timeless pieces that will last a long time both from a durability perspective, but also from a styling perspective.” 

Little reiterates that his company’s values sustainability and ethical business practices. By doing so, Patagonia hopes to not only make the planet cleaner and greener, but also influence others to follow suit. “We’re trying to be a beacon to influence brands and educate our customers about the materials in their products,” Little explains. 

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