This Cookie Company Cuts Out Palm Oil for 100% Sustainability

Satisfying our need for an environmentally friendly world

Aerial photo of a palm oil plantation in Southeast Asia

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What do Sour Patch Kids, Ritz crackers, and Oreos have in common? These brands are all under a company that has contributed heavily to deforestation...until now. In the near future, these snacks, and several others will use a more environmentally friendly approach during production.

The company behind some of America’s most well-known snack brands, Mondelēz International, was once one of the biggest buyers of palm oil in the world. Recently, the company announced their decision to part ways with palm oil suppliers that deplete our wildlife.

In a press announcement, Mondelēz International requested suppliers embrace their goal of reaching  “100% sustainability and 100% transparency across the industry.” They also challenged palm oil suppliers to quickly eliminate deforestation, and map and monitor all plantations and concessions.

As part of their plan, the company announced they would no longer work with 12 suppliers that didn’t comply with their 100% sustainability objective. Mondelēz International’s decision came after Greenpeace reported on the destruction and deforestation of orangutan habitats due to palm oil suppliers once tied to the food brand.

“Palm oil is just one of several commodities whose industrial production is fueling a climate and extinction crisis,” the report says. “If Mondelēz is serious about ‘building the best snacking company in the world,’ then it needs to drop dirty palm oil and stop sourcing from destructive producer groups.”

By severing ties with these suppliers, Mondelēz hopes to assure consumers and environmentalists that it is serious about making positive changes. “Mondelēz International remains fully committed to driving change in the palm oil sector and today’s actions against 12 upstream suppliers reflect that commitment,” Jonathan Horrell, Global Director of Sustainability at Mondelēz International, said.

“We will continue to pursue existing and new initiatives that seek to drive effective change across palm oil-growing communities.”

It looks like the hunger for a greener environment for all humans and creatures isn’t going away any time soon, and more and more companies will step forward and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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