This Dad Made a Minecraft Server Especially for Autistic Kids

A positive playspace

Oct 3, 2017


This Dad Made a Minecraft Server Especially for Autistic Kids | A positive playspace

No matter who you are, it’s a heart-warming feeling when you find a supportive, welcoming community. Stuart Duncan wanted to create just that when he opened a minecraft server specifically for autistic children.

Duncan’s creation, Autcraft, already amassed 8,000 players since the server first went online four years ago, and because of his efforts, kids with autism can feel comfortable playing without fearing they’ll feel left out.

The creator noticed that more and more parents were speaking out about wanting their children to feel empowered from the game and also accepted by their peers, so he filled that need himself.

Duncan himself is autistic, so he perfectly understood how important it is for children to have a safe platform where they can be themselves, and he, alongside a few volunteers, keep the server up and running with the help of donations.

“[Autcraft] gives children with autism and their families a place where they can play the game they love with people just like them, and they can feel safe and confident to just be themselves,” said Duncan.

“It’s not about getting other people to accept them but getting them to accept themselves.”

If you want to support Duncan’s efforts, you can do so via Patreon.

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