This Device Lets the Colorblind See the True Beauty of Nature

Fall colored glasses for everyone

Dec 14, 2017


This Device Lets the Colorblind See the True Beauty of Nature | Fall colored glasses for everyone

If the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, fall is a close second. The changing leaves are an anticipated events all their own.

National Geographic reported that Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountain Range is the most visited national park in America. Come October and November, the trees create a sea of red, orange, and yellow.

While plenty of people are lucky enough to witness such a beautiful sight, there are 13 million Americans with colorblindness who can’t. Depending on their specific type of colorblindness they see the brownish-green or grey mountains.

At least, they did. The Tennessee Department of Tourism Development wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the park to the fullest, so they installed special-viewing mechanisms so color blind visitors could witness the stunning scenery.

The organization even created a video of the transformation to share the sheere joy that participants experienced upon seeing the breathtaking colors of fall for the first time.

“It’s how I imagine the difference is between here and heaven,” one of the park goers said. “I feel like now I know why people come from miles and states around just to see this.”

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