This DJ Wants You to Join Him to Fight Against Brain Disease

Unite to #SaveTheBrain

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International DJ, producer, and fashion designer Steve Aoki has long been known for his many philanthropic ventures, which earned him a lot of recognition from the music and nonprofit communities. Over the years, he has been showered with praise and awards, most notably MTV Latin America’s Chiuka Award, which recognizes celebrities who use their positive influence to contribute and develop special projects that bring about social change in the world.

Aoki has a taken a special interest in everything related brain research and his charity, the Steve Aoki Fundation, supports a range of organizations in the neuroscience field, specifically focused on doing research on regenerative medicine, brain health and preservation to prevent and fight disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

In addition to hosting fundraising events and campaigns for specific charitable organizations throughout the year, Aoki teamed up with online retailer Viralstyle to create a line of t-shirts, phone cases, and cups for his latest project Save the Brain. All funds raised will go directly to his charity charity so that these organizations can keep conducting research to advance brain health. Aoki’s dream is to someday see a world where degenerative brain diseases don’t exist anymore, and Save the Brain could bring us one small step closer to this very noble goal.

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