This Dog Became a Symbol of Love Across the World

‘Upstanding’ Dexter is an inspiration to all.

This Dog Became a Symbol of Love Across the World | ‘Upstanding’ Dexter is an inspiration to all.

Dexter is not an ordinary pet. This Brittany spaniel from Ouray, Colorado became an inspiration and symbol of perseverance to people around the world. 

That’s because six years ago, when Dexter was a puppy, he was hit by a car. He lost one leg and the second was damaged, reported CBS News. But that has not stopped him from getting around. In fact, “Upstanding” Dexter walks upright on his two back legs and was never taught this trick. 

After the accident, Dexter tried out a wheelchair, until the day he surprised his owner, Kentee Pasek. She left him at the foot of her porch and ran inside for a coffee. When she returned, Dexter was at the top of the steps. She placed him back at the bottom and watched in astonishment as Dexter walked up the stairs on two back legs, human style.

Most dog owners will tell you their pets think they are human. But when you take a look at Dexter walking around upright on two legs, you realize he has literally taken this to a higher level.  

A full-blown celebrity
Since that day, Dexter has become a full-blown celebrity. He stars in parades, attracts visitors to Ouray, and receives piles of fan mail from those who are dealing with hardships and who find Dexter a source of inspiration.

Dexter also has a large following on social media. He has a Tik Tok account with 833,000 followers, plus a YouTube channel. He also has 152,000 followers on Instagram and his own Facebook page. 

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Many people from around the world are touched by Dexter’s story of resilience. One Facebook follower, who is recovering from life-saving surgery and has difficulty walking, describes Dexter as her inspiration. Another Facebook fan calls Dexter a symbol of love.

Pasek now has a new job managing her dog’s social media accounts, according to 9 News. Since she lost her full-time job during the pandemic, this became new and meaningful work for her.

“My life changed just so dramatically. Dexter got me up in the morning. The film and the conversation online got me moving again, got me working on outside,” Pasek told 9 News.

Inspiring perspective on life
Rather than monetizing the social media accounts, Pasek decided that it was best to simply share her dog’s perspective during unstable times. “His attitude has always been hey everything’s great and I’m like if you think everything’s great…we’re going to be able to pull out of this as a world,” she said.

Dexter’s special message, according to Pasek, is about showing everyone how to live in the moment.“I think Dexter teaches us that we have our ideas so set in a box about the way life should be, but in reality, we really don’t have control over it, Pasek told Fox31

CBS News aptly describes Dexter’s ability to inspire; “Sometimes getting knocked down is the only way to see how tall you stand.” Upstanding Dexter stands tall and marches on, bringing smiles and tears to many as he passes by.

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