This Entire House Can Be 3D Printed in Under 24 Hours [VIDEO]

Printing the future

Mar 23, 2017


This Entire House Can Be 3D Printed in Under 24 Hours [VIDEO] | Printing the future

3D-printing has been around for quite some time now and from pizzas to emergency shelters, pretty much anything can be made with these incredible machines today. San Francisco-based startup Apis Cor decided to take this already-amazing technology to the next level by creating a 3D printer that can print a whole house within as little as 24 hours.

While 3D printing a home usually involves creating all involved parts off-site and then putting the building together, Apis Cotr uses a mobile printer to print their apartments on-site. The result is a 38 square meter home that was constructed for a total of $10,134 or approximately $275 per square meter.

According to the company, the 3D printing process results in savings of up to 70 percent, in comparison with traditional building techniques. The design of Apir Cor's house was specifically chosen to showcase the awesome possibilities this technology brings with it and will hopefully be only the first of many more to come. This cheap and ultra-fast construction method surely has the potential to solve a variety of housing problems in the developing world.

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