This Inspiring Boy is Using his Gift to Help Others

Instead of treating himself, Abraham is sharing the love.

Dec 10, 2021
This Inspiring Boy is Using his Gift to Help Others | Instead of treating himself, Abraham is sharing the love.

Make a Wish is an international organization that  grants the wishes of children with serious illnesses. Since 1980, it has been helping children and their families through their difficult times by giving them something positive and exciting to look forward to. Adeola Abraham Olagbegi, a 13 year old boy with a rare blood condition, recently chose to use his Wish to help others. His Wish was to feed the homeless.

Abraham’s Wish
Abraham, the young teen from Jackson, Mississippi, was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Aplastic Anemia in June of 2020. He has a transplant in November of 2020 and has been doing well since then. He told WLBT that he grew up giving out meals to the homeless, and his Wish was to continue to do so. 

Typically, children who qualify for Make-A-Wish choose to go on a trip with their family, a special gift, money or a unique experience they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy. Make A Wish explains that these wishes are so much more than just a fun moment for these kids. A wish-come-true, they say, empowers and transforms their lives and the people who are a part of their lives as well. The experience brings families closer together and renews the children’s strength and energy. It is also a great positive experience and reminds the family members that there is more to the child than just their illness. 

A Long-lasting Wish
Make A Wish Mississippi officials, reports Kiro7, said that they had never seen generosity like this from one of the gift recipients in more than twenty years. Abraham’s mom made sure to ask him if he wanted a PlayStation or something else instead, but he insisted that he wanted his Wish to be long lasting. “That’s a remarkable young man,” said Linda Sermons, a Make A Wish Mississippi assistant. 

Abraham told CBS News how meaningful giving out a plate of hot food to homeless people was and how good it feels. “It warms our hearts,” he said. His family used to do this monthly before his illness and are delighted to be able to do it again.

Abraham’s Table 
Make A Wish granted Abraham the wish of feeding the homeless every month for a year. When his Wish is done after August of 2022, he plans on turning his efforts into a non-profit organization and continuing to feed the homeless. He even shared that he will name the organization “Abraham’s Table”.

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