This Kickstarter Project Is Every Dog Parents' Dream

Piqapoo wants to revolutionize the way you take your puppy for a walk.

Nov 29, 2016

Piqapoo promises to be the cleanest, most dog-friendly, and last dog poop collector you will ever buy. (4 PM production /

There’s no doubt about it: dogs are amazing and not a single doggy parent would ever want to miss their puppy from their lives. The only real downside to sharing your life with a pawed friend is when you have to clean up after them when on a walk. Piqapoo is here to change that.

The crowdfunded silicone clip, which is currently still in its Kickstarter phase, simply clips to your dog’s tail. When your furry friend does his business, a disposable plastic baggy attached to the clip will catch everything. With a simple press of a button, the clip releases the bag into a nearby trash can - 100 percent hands-free.

And Piqapoo is not just about cleanliness. The small and easy-to-use clip also makes it far more comfortable for people with visual impairments to clean up after their guide dogs, thereby improving their quality of life in an area many people never realized could even be problematic.

Piqapoo’s Kickstarter launched this November and already surpassed its modest funding target of $15,000, with estimated delivery around April 2017. Three years in the making, this ingenious invention will soon let you enjoy every last minute with your favorite pup.

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