This Machine Makes Beautiful Music - Using 2,000 Marbles

A hand-crafted invention by Swedish musician Martin Molin.

Apr 14, 2016


Music, Creativity

This handmade music machine is just, wow. With multiple instruments and 3,000 separate parts delicately interlaced together, the music it pumps out is surprising, touching, toe-tapping and happy all at the same time. Played with energetic cranking, lever flipping and machine tweaking, Swedish musician Martin Molin’s handcrafted invention was made especially to play his own original composition.

So what’s the surprising secret ingredient? Two thousand steel marbles, bouncing and racing around the pathways of the machine. Working together with a vibraphone, a bass, a kick drum, a cymbal and a few LEGO technic parts, the marbles move through a series of funnels, pulleys, and tubes. Thus the name, the Wintergatan Marble Machine.  

With the success of this invention, completed in February 2016, Molin is already hard at work on his next musical marvel - a wooden music box. Check out the Wintergatan band on Facebook for updates and a sneak preview.

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