This May Be the Happiest Way to Celebrate the Streets of New York City

Happy NYC is one uplifting spin-off of Pharrell Williams' buzzing hit


Image: Shutterstock 

Pharrell Williams' "Happy," was successful enough to become a buzzworthy topic online and offline, with many a spin-off and homemade versions cropping up all over the world. This may not come as a surprise, as "Happy" was created as the first 24-hour-long music video that is also an interactive game. The video allows viewers to spin a clock dial to watch different actors at different times of the day. But state of the art technology aside, the song celebrates happiness - and who doesn't love that?
Happy in NYC brings "Happy" to the streets of the Big Apple, featuring dancing folks taking to the streets of their hometown to the sound of the addictive song. The result? A rejuvenating assemblage of smile-inducing clips that can definitely serve as a source for an uplifting moment.
How exciting to discover yet another website that makes us happy.

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