This New Movie is Breaking Barriers for Girls and Women

Film based on a beloved icon is empowering viewers worldwide.


In an age where empowering messages for young girls and women are more important than ever, the new Barbie movie showcases a powerful role model for girls and women everywhere. Through its captivating narrative and positive themes, the film exemplifies strength, resilience, and ambition - qualities that every young girl can aspire to. 

The New York Times reports that after a spectacular Hollywood buildup and an expert (and very pink) marketing campaign, Director Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” opened in theaters in late July, smashing box-office records with the highest grossing film debut of the year. “I wanted to make something anarchic and wild and funny and cathartic and the idea that it’s actually being received that way, it’s sort of extraordinary,” Gerwig told the New York Times.  

In a barbie world
The NPR reports that the plot of the film unfolds in Barbieland, a pink idyllic world where the Barbies essentially run the show, with the Kens existing pretty much as a Barbie accessory. When Barbie is forced to leave Barbieland and travel to the real world she is in for a rude awakening when she sees how the gender roles are reversed and has to contend with the limitations on female power that are still so prevelant in modern society. 

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Barbie is no damsel in distress, she soon figures out how to navigate the real world. She is someone who can think on her feet, a  problem solver and a natural leader. By showcasing these qualities, the movie instills the idea that girls can take the reins and excel in leadership roles in any field they choose. It breaks the stereotype that women are weak or incapable, promoting a sense of empowerment.

Women walking the tightrope
One of the film's most poignant scenes features Gloria, a Mattel employee in the real world, whose cynicism is the catalyst for Barbie's existential crisis, as she delivers a monologue about the many challenges of womanhood. 

“I looked around, and everyone was crying - even the men were tearing up. I suddenly thought that this tightrope she’s explaining is something that is present for women in the way that she’s describing it, but it’s also present for everybody. Everybody is afraid they’re going to put a foot wrong and it’s all going to come crashing down, and in that moment of doing that monologue, she was giving people permission to step off that tightrope,” Gerwig told NYT. 

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The Barbie movie urges young girls to believe in themselves, chase their dreams, and break through societal barriers. The character of Barbie embodies the idea that one's worth is not defined by appearance but by individuality, intelligence, and kindness. This essential message resonates with women inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness and not succumb to unrealistic beauty standards, fostering self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Girl power
The movie portrays the significance of strong and supportive female friendships. Barbie and her friends exhibit loyalty, understanding, and empathy, demonstrating the importance of building each other up rather than tearing each other down. This serves as a valuable lesson for young girls, fostering a sense of camaraderie and solidarity, and discouraging any inclination towards competition or jealousy. 

In the real world women are often pressured to enter into competition with each other to succeed, but Gerwig wanted “Barbie” to challenge that, explaining to ABC News in-depth that their greatest strength is “that ability for a woman to look at another woman and say ‘you’re good enough.’”

The new Barbie movie offers inspiration to girls and women worldwide to pursue their aspirations courageously by adopting the film’s inspiring messages of self-assurance, originality, intelligence, leadership, friendship, and tenacity. The movie subverts gender stereotypes and promotes female empowerment. 

So gather up your girl squad, find your inner pink and head out for an entertaining and thought provoking film that will remind you that you can take control of your future and have a positive impact on the world. 

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