This One-for-One Real Estate Model Gives People What They Need Most

World Housing brings real value to to real esate in a way that moves our hearts

Cambodian children.

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The One-for-One gifting model is one of the conventions of social enterprises. World Housing implements this model by giving people one of the most essential of the human needs: a home to live in. Inpsired by the shoe company TOMs - who donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased - World Housing is a platform that aims to give a home to families living in the most dire conditions.
How does it work? For each house bought from a certified World Housing merchant - a contribution is made by the developer to build a home for a dump dwelling family. So far homes have been developed in Cambodia, Mexico and the Phillipines. Merchants who wish to be part of World Housing must go through a screening proces and also pay an annual fee to be part of the World Housing network.
Along with the builders and developers, it is the buyers who get to make a difference and be generous for those in need. By choosing to buy a property via a World Housing certified seller, they can manifest their desire and willingness to make a difference and give a home to those who need it. After all, home is where the heart is.

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