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Selecting a pet to adopt can be likened to the online dating game; you check out a photo, set up a time to meet and if there is any chemistry, you take the next step. That is exactly the premise behind AllPaws, a free search engine that matches pets with prospective owners.
Created by Darrell Lerner, AllPaws shares the same style and interface as an online dating site, including advance search tools for browsing creatively written pet profiles and pictures and direct messaging. AllPaws takes things a step further with a feature that enables users to create customized memes to share and spread the word about animals looking for a loving home.
The diverse site not only has a wide selection of cats and dogs seeking adoption, but also horses, reptiles, pigs, birds and rabbits. With over 100,000 animals featured, the matchmaking website serves as a useful outlet to overflowing animal rescue homes and shelters. Just like any other dating site, AllPaws is in the business of creating loving, long-lasting relationships.

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