This Orchestra Unites North and South Koreans Through Music

Using creativity to achieve peace.

Apr 1, 2018

One group of musicians wants to use their talents to bring people and entire nations together.

The Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra organized a live concert on the border of North and South Korea, in the  Demilitarized Zone. During the final song, all 100 members finished their performance outside so those across the border could listen to the music.

Despite their differences, Hyung Joon Won, the orchestra’s founder, believes that peace is possible. Joon Won wants people to enjoy the music, no matter which country they call home and even have singers and musicians from both sides of the border come together for an exceptional performance.

"I believe in the power of music, which can definitely help and promote reconciliation and peace between two countries,” he told PeacePrints. Ultimately, Joon Won believes that music could help North and South Korea better communicate with each other, and develop a better understanding of those living across the dividing line.

"I really wish North and South Korea will talk and meet through music, so the world will see the hope of our reconciliation and peace, and the value of music - to contribute to building bridges as to the division of our nation, conflict, and a lack of communication. Peace is Harmony."

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